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    Jim wrote:
    At the risk of taking this thread further off topic, my damned G5 quad has started to overheat.
    I don't see a lot of dust buildup on the radiators and the fans are all working.

    How difficult is it to remove the LCS and the CPUs to check on their condition and the thermal paste.
    And what if I take this apart, put it back together, and I still have the problem?

    Additionally, should I try to rebuild the LCS system?

    I remember well when I got my LCS G5 (the DP 2,7 GHz) some (7?) years ago. When I pulled out the liquid cooling system and looked inside the tubes I found out they were completely clogged with some white residue (and the O-Rings were leaking too). Go figure: pages 26-32 (Polish language only, sorry). The PCIe G5 LCS is not identical (2 pumps and slightly different mounting) but the idea is the same. I'd certainly go for the rebuilding if I were you.
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