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    jPV schrieb:
    This seems to be a bug with gigabit connection. For me the line appears directly after a reboot, but doesn't seem to cause any problems in network tranfers. For some others it can happen in the middle of the transfers and making network to fail. It doesn't seem to happen with 100Mbps connection, so if it's an issue for you, a non-gigabit switch could help until it gets fixed.

    Hmm, interesting... would not have thought about that! Is this an old bug and/or r8169 only? Hope it gets fixed. 100Mbps would be a tad slow for my other machines... Heck, this is slower than USB2.

    But I might look for a 100Mbps switch as non-working ethernet is really annoying. Today it worked one time (as I powered on the G5 for the 1st time), but non-working again...


    I get this kind of performance warning even with r200 on Mac mini with Tower57. I asked about it once, but the reply from the MorphOS team was that it should be fixed in the game itself.

    Ah mkay. I will tell Daniel then. In general he cares for his code and especially Tower57 has been updated several times.

    Thanks for your hints!
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