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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    Radeon: Don't know how to initialise the memory controller of this Radeon
    Radeon: Memory size adjusted to 256MB

    I get these too, but IIRC they're harmless.


    rtl8168_eth.device: Int: RX error

    This seems to be a bug with gigabit connection. For me the line appears directly after a reboot, but doesn't seem to cause any problems in network tranfers. For some others it can happen in the middle of the transfers and making network to fail. It doesn't seem to happen with 100Mbps connection, so if it's an issue for you, a non-gigabit switch could help until it gets fixed.


    r300.library: Performance warning for task "Tower57_MOS": Bitmap does not have BMF_3DTARGET set

    I get this kind of performance warning even with r200 on Mac mini with Tower57. I asked about it once, but the reply from the MorphOS team was that it should be fixed in the game itself. As the error describes, it makes the game run a bit slower than it could run.

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