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    I generated a MorphOS bug report about my Radeon X1600 Pro issues.

    What I noticed too is that MorphOS is rather picky about the PCIe slot my i-tec r8168 network card is in. Old config was Nvidia GF6600 in 1st slot, r8168 2nd, Radeon X1600 Pro 3rd. There the r8169 gets reckognized by MorphOS but has freezing issues when reconfiguring network stack (when I got no connection via static or DHCP). Now I have Nvidia GF6600 in 1st slot, Radeon X1600 Pro 2nd, r8168 4th (1 free slot between Radeon and r8169). There the r8169 runs reliably so far, at least it did not freeze the G5 yet.
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