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    Tried out the G5 11,2 now for a while, playing a few games, browsing, emails, copying many files around, etc. Seems to run rather decent. Most of the time I hit the 30min time limit. ;-) One time a hard crash, another time fans went 100 % and afterwards a hard freeze. Apart from that I noticed some things in the debug logs:

    Radeon: Don't know how to initialise the memory controller of this Radeon
    Radeon: Memory size adjusted to 256MB
    rtl8168_eth.device: Int: RX error
    r300.library: Performance warning for task "Tower57_MOS": Bitmap does not have BMF_3DTARGET set

    Several (all?) games show this r300.library error but seem to run fine apart from that. Tower57 runs really well, but every 2-3 minutes the gameplay 'locks' for 2 seconds. Also some graphical glitches in Virtual GP 2. But nothing really bad. Is my card is (Radeon X1600 Pro) not fully supported?
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