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    sailor wrote:
    I have some minor non-working thing:
    after rebooting mouse not works on PmacG5 Quad.
    ERR: wrong port status 0103 for port 2
    strange port response, power-cycling port 2

    Restart of Poseidon stack not helps, unplug and plug the mice yes.

    I don't know if it is connected with MOS (on G5 linux & MacOS mice works) or I have bad mouses ( my Powerbook G4 have the same error).

    Do you have similar issues with Mac&Mouse ?

    I found one mouse (cheap Hama), which acts like this on my setups too. It doesn't work at boot if connected directly to the machine, but it works if connected via a hub (or replugged after the boot).

    I mostly have Logitech mice otherwise and never had this kind of problems with them.

    But you could try with a hub, if you want to use these mice.

    I also reported this to the MorphOS team, so hopefully they can figure out something.
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