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    Doffo schrieb:
    Maybe try an older version or be sure to do it the way this person describes:

    ATI x1900 flash mac

    Ah yes, many thanks! The version mentioned in the thread is AMD/ATI ATIFlash 3.79. And this one works out of a FreeDOS USB stick!

    The good
    OpenFirmware works, the cards fan control works, colors are ok, everything fine! :-) The card repots itself now as X1950XTX with 128 MiB RAM.

    The bad:

    The flashed card does not work under Linux. :-( The OpenFirmware console works, but the mayor flaw is the fan control not working under Linux leaving the fans running at 100% which is loud. Compareable to the sort of loud you get when the G5s fans itself hit 100%...

    Guess I have to go the 2 cards way as I want to use Linux on this G5 too...

    Anyone here in need of a Mac-flashed X1900XT? I have a spare one now. ;-)
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