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    Doffo schrieb:
    Have you tried using the x1550 under Linux? I have an AGP x1300 that was ruined. Showed up, but colour artifacting like crazy and really unusable. Maybe your GPU suffered the same fate?

    At least if you boot up with linux, you can see how it appears to see if it is the GPU or something to do with MorphOS.

    Tested the X1550 under Linux now, results are mixed. Framebuffer works, X works too, colours are correct. As long as I use Driver "fbdev" in my xorg.conf. ;-) If I use the Glamour or ATI driver the G5 locks up hard. Does not matter if "Accel" "off" is set.

    So the card works on Linux, but only basic framebuffer. Whereas it does not work in MorphOS 3.12 - but here it does not lock up the G5. ;-)

    But now as my G5 11,2 power cable arrived I will try the X1900 XT next.
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