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    sailor wrote:

    koszer wrote:
    What mouse model? Connected directly or through some sort of hub?

    cheap mouses, model I will check at home, if there are any label. Connected directly. The same issue on all USB ports.
    The same mouses I tried on Peg2, IMacG5 and bananapro and it works.

    If other people have no this problem, it points to mouses. I will test some other mouses with my Pmac and Pbook and let you know. And try connect with powered hub.

    I believe there are some USB issues this time around that will be addressed on the next release regarding USB devices on startup. No worries, maybe find another cheap mouse to try. I use a Logitech G105 keyboard and a Logitech G302 mouse. Works every time I boot into MOS and after every restart.

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