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    Still, X1950 GT (AGP version) on my G5 Dual Processor 2,7 GHz does 153 FPS (in 1600x1200). I thought Quad (with its PCIe and DDR2) would do much better.

    Using vertex instead of lightmap for Lighting yielded 200 FPS.
    :) A PC Sapphire x1900 XT 512 MB. Doesn't have a flashed Mac bios.

    Excellent! For me is enough all above 30. ;-) I don't play fps games, only for testing.
    But I am glad that Quad is now "supported".

    Definitely worth it. I had to tear down the LCS and redo it all. This one was basically empty and didn't know of its condition when I brought it home. Glad the CPUs didn't fry.
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