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    zukow wrote:
    Hi, some remarks from your unsupport team.

    1. Prepare a CD with MorphOS 3.12
    - for quick test you can put HD from existing PowerMac G5 AGP machine to PCIe one
    - sound is supported
    - ide is supported
    - sata is supported
    - usb is supported
    - fans handling is supported
    - temperature sensors are supported
    - onboard lan is not supported
    - pcie Rs232 cards for getting debuglog may work (but i have one and it doesn't)

    2. Add some supported Radeon card

    Many thanks to MorphOS developers. I had my quad G5 three years at home for this moment.

    Everything works fine as written, I succeed to buy cheap original powermac X1900. Now I waiting only for ordered NIC adapter and then I can register another MorphOS.

    some quick notes:
    - performance is great, Quake 3 = 60.1fps, Tower57 = 62fps, 1941 = 140fps
    - internal speaker allways on. Is this my HW problem or is it connected with OS+mixer? I will check later with linux and MacOS
    - graphics board detected correctly, Utilities/GraphicBoard don't show frequencies
    - System monitor recognizes two CPUs.
    - SDLBench crashes, but SDL games works
    - GraphicSpeed crashes at the end - it can be connected with unregistered MOS and slowing down ?
    - USB mouse don't work after boot. (wrong port status 0103). Restart of Poseidon doesn't help, plug and unplug yes.

    Good work!!!

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