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    Doffo wrote:
    Unfortunately, I moved to Kansas a month and a half ago. Thanks for the offer though. For now, after a Single CPU/Dual Core model that I can swap out a CPU out of into it. The lousy liquid cooling system was hard to even do much with as the actual pump itself may of failed and not strong enough to push the liquid through. All is well. :)

    I would think that it would be better for you to just replace the liquid cooling system from another Quad Core G5 PowerMac 11.2, as they all had the best liquid cooling pumps of all the liquid cooled G5's that Apple made. Unfortunately, most failures in all of the liquid cooled G5's were probably due to a leak in the cooling system, or failed cooling pump, and all of the Quad Core G5's still working, it would not make sense to remove the cooling system from one just to put it into another Quad Core G5.

    Good luck with your plans to get a G5 system that you can run MorphOS3.12 (and beyond) on. I'm betting that you will enjoy it, once you have used it more often.
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