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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    > So you are using two GFX Cards in your G5? One Nvidia Mac and a Radeon PC?

    He's apparently not the only one who does, see comments #3 and #6 for instance.

    > does somebody know what is the latest Radeon supported by OSX 10.5.8 PPC?

    X1900 GT Mac edition. Other X19x0 cards may be supported when flashed with the PPC ROM from the X1900 GT Mac edition.

    That is great, so one can use easily a PC Radeon and don`t care about flashing.
    So no Driver Support on 10.5.8 of 2xxx and 3xxx Radeon?

    Did someone Bench the G5 2,7 AGP against Quad G5 2,5 Ghz in Games and MKV 1080p playback?
    I`ve heard that the Quad should be faster because of the RAM and BUS.

    I personally wanted to try different things like this. See how good certain videos played on the PCI-E Mac G5 vs the older G5.

    My Quad 2.5 turned out to be a lemon. The LCS is toast, and "rebuilding it" proved to be wasteful as I had a hard time getting it to properly fill etc.. The Pump itself might be ruined since it was basically empty.

    No worries, gonna source me a single cpu/dual core G5 in time.

    If you're just going to recycle, or trash your Quad core G5, let me know. I wouldn't mind trying to fix it for myself, if all I need to do is drive to Nevada from California to get it. I could swap another G5 system with you. I have a spare Dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac that has the demo version of MorphOS already installed on it and appears to run great, but I would want to remove the video card I currently have in it, so you would need to provide your own video card. I also have a Dual 2.5GHz G5 system that has damage to the motherboard, which only allows one of the two G5 CPU's to run/show up as running, which does not matter for MorphOS, which only currently uses a single G5 CPU. If either of those system is easier for you to convert to air cooled heat sinks, you are welcome to either of them in exchange for your Quad core G5 PowerMac 11.2 model.
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