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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    > So you are using two GFX Cards in your G5? One Nvidia Mac and a Radeon PC?

    He's apparently not the only one who does, see comments #3 and #6 for instance.

    > does somebody know what is the latest Radeon supported by OSX 10.5.8 PPC?

    X1900 GT Mac edition. Other X19x0 cards may be supported when flashed with the PPC ROM from the X1900 GT Mac edition.

    That is great, so one can use easily a PC Radeon and don`t care about flashing.
    So no Driver Support on 10.5.8 of 2xxx and 3xxx Radeon?

    Did someone Bench the G5 2,7 AGP against Quad G5 2,5 Ghz in Games and MKV 1080p playback?
    I`ve heard that the Quad should be faster because of the RAM and BUS.
    PowerBook 17" SuperHD-Display MOD 1920x1200 :)
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