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    I got the G5 Quad to boot up and it works great with the Sapphire 512 MB x1900 XT.

    I had to temporarily use the Nvidia card on another PCI-E port so that I could hold down ALT and choose the CD rom drive to boot MorphOS, then I turned off the monitor, then carefully removed the DVI cable from the Nvidia to the ATi. Worked great.

    For whatever reason, my G5 tower refused to boot from the CD drive, even when I was holding down the C key at startup...

    Everything came to a halt though. LCS is bad... No visible sign of it gone bad, but I will take out the LCS another day. Temps got too hot and when I went to reboot, the mac itself threw 2 red lights on and fans went on full speed.

    May change it out for some heatsinks from a 2.0 GHz.
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