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    piku wrote:
    But I know very little about AmigaOS and even less about MorphOS. If I get one of these cards is this the right card to get? And if so will the network device just appear or do I have install one of the .device drivers? I don't see any of those anywhere on the installation disk.

    It should just appear in the network preferences, no manual installation needed. The drivers are there in MorphOS/Devs/Networks directory, so you just didn't look deep enough ;) But as said, they are already in use and no need to touch anything. Files in the MorphOS directory aren't meant for users to mess around, so keep your hands out of it.

    As you're a new user (welcome!), I'd suggest you'd read articles in the MorphOS Library. Getting Started could be useful, for instance.



    I'm not a hardware expert, but would look good for me. I just bought the one Zukow recommended, but as this also seems to have the supported chipset, I can't see why it wouldn't work.
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