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    zukow wrote:
    ..... as more and more sites will use flexbox - more pages will look garbage on AmigaOS4.x.

    Yeah, the updates from Hyperion are all way too little in substance, and way, way too long in waiting for them to arrive, but pointing these things out to OS4 users does not improve their opinion of MorphOS, so it is better to just ignore what is (isn't) happening at Hyperion, and instead just point out what great things are happening on MorphOS.

    If it weren't for the developer team that is funded by A-Eon & AmigaKit, that is producing consistent updates for OS4 users, we would hear a lot more complaining from those OS4 users, and maybe some of them would see the light and switch to MorphOS. Unfortunately, some of them will never consider using MorphOS, mostly because of some past very bad exchanges between the two groups of users on forum sites. People would never be so rude to each other face to face, but the illusion of being untouchable when typing stuff on a forum site makes some people (not you) write stupid and hateful things, on both sides.
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