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    and also frequency handling

    What does this refer to?

    Ahh, it wasn't added to Release notes as different line - so R500 had problems with some of Monitors (including my 24" Dell), lower resolutions weren't available - they gave - 'Out of sync' on the monitor. There is much better now.


    > 5-years-old AmigaOS4.1FE

    FE Update 1 is 3 years old :-)

    Right, with one main feature - better memory support for Classic - very important for X5000 user. I was refering to the fact that MorphOS Team doesn't support X5000 well which isn't true. Did Hyperion provide network driver for X5000 lan? MorphOS Team provided.


    > OWB in MorphOS will be updated

    Without engine update this will help only so much.

    MophOS Team did fixes also in the engine - CSS flexbox is working so sites such as http://allegro.pl looks ok and as more and more sites will use flexbox - more pages will look garbage on AmigaOS4.x.
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