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    >> Is 3d support more important than decent web browser?

    > using newer gfx cards on OS4.1 gives you no added value. [...] My AGP based
    > G5 with X1950 is *faster* than X5000 with whatever newest PCIe Radeon

    Apparently, outrun1978 feels that OS4 gives him added value over MorphOS, maybe also because of OS4's superior 3D standard support (via 3rd party solution, giving him OpenGL ES 2 and OpenGL 2.1), as implied by zukow. Thus, the obvious reason for outrun1978 not choosing the G5 is that the G5 doesn't run OS4, while the X5000 does (as well as MorphOS). Hence his preference for the X5000. His choice doesn't seem to have anything to do with performance, as far as I understand.
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