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    zukow wrote:
    I can't understand also that you want to use 5-years-old AmigaOS4.1FE instead of newly released MorphOS3.12 with updated OWB. OWB in MorphOS will be updated, OWB (or other browser) in AmigaOS4 won't. Is 3d support more important than decent web browser? I don't think so but everyone has it own priorities.

    To add to this, besides bragging rights about age of gfx card, using newer gfx cards on OS4.1 gives you no added value. I have a G5 (AGP) and the latest card I can use with 3D is X1950. My AGP based G5 with X1950 is *faster* than X5000 with whatever newest PCIe Radeon and the current 3rd party A-eonkit 3D drivers (at last check).
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