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    > X5000 users with MorphOS got updated drivers for
    > Radeons (R500-R700-), both 2d and 3D

    ...with the limitation that 3D support does not go beyond R500.

    > and also frequency handling

    What does this refer to?

    > AGP machines have Radeon R400 max.

    AGP graphics cards with x86 ROM go up to R700 but I don't know if they are supported by MorphOS on PowerMac G5 AGP.

    > Hyperion [...] didn't provide drivers for Radeons
    > in X5000 - Aeon did that.

    AFAIK Hyperion provides a restricted (in terms of resolution, maybe also colour depth) driver with OS4 that enables at least OS installation. This driver is licensed from A-Eon or Hans de Ruiter.

    > maybe just have two graphics cards in X5000?

    This reportedly works with OS4/Linux (using a FirePro/FireMV card in PCIe x1 slot for Linux) but not with OS4/MorphOS. There was a dubious report of a Radeon R200 in a PCI slot working for MorphOS in the latter combination, though.

    > 5-years-old AmigaOS4.1FE

    FE Update 1 is 3 years old :-)

    > OWB in MorphOS will be updated

    Without engine update this will help only so much.
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