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    outrun1978 schrieb:
    I believe the updated R500-700 drivers may have also had something do with your exhibit at Amiga34 more than satisfying the needs of a current X5000 or Sam 460 user. They just happen to be cards which can also be used these machines in AmigaOS with limited functionality in the same way that these offer the same limited functionality in MorphOS. Most of us were curious to see what type of card was running on the Ryzen set up and saw it was a 4650 card right?

    Support for more modern PCI-E cards will be required as part of your long term transition to AMD64 boards, so you will need to test these out regardless across all Radeon series levels. I'm certainly of the opinion that its better to have a range of eager guinea pigs than none at all. Personally for what most X5000 users I've spoken to and what they have told me, 2D support will be sufficient in MorphOS, if they wanted 3D gaming, they have the option of making full time use of a 1650-1950 range of cards in MorphOS full time which I have shown, but which none of them have done, otherwise they can stick with what they have in AmigaOS even with a more dated browsing experience. But contrary to perception, many do want to join in the fun, especially as a 2nd graphics card isn't supported in MorphOS on the X5000. My blog stats certainly can back this up ;-)

    Well, I really don't know what made you think that " it appears a few members of your team regard X5000 users as a waste of time" but let me make some things clear to put things into perspective:

    - I don't recall this aw.net user called "TRIPOS" to be a member of our team to be honest which claimed that X5000 is a pointless system to support. But we don't dictate what (supposedly?) MorphOS users write on public forums, everyone is free to post what he thinks ....

    - Our majority of target systems doesn't even allow to put a pciE graphics card into it, so getting more pciE cards supported isn't our main focus currently.

    - There are exactly 2 developers which work on extending graphics card support on the long run which is Mark and me and our focus is on different things currently which may lead to lack of progress in this area, unfortunately.

    - We listen to reports of users if we can get hold of them. This is typically done via the embedded bug report system in MorphOS because we can't constantly scan forums for bugreports.

    - While Sam460 and X5000 systems only represent a very small userbase regarding MorphOS, we still support both, even though we didn't catch up on every bugreport we received, unfortunately. But this is a matter of priority and resources, not a matter of ignorance.

    - While A-EON Technology claims to support every operating system, I totally missed to see a MorphOS installation at their booth at Amiga34. They care about Linux and OS4 and put a lot of efforts into supporting those, obviously. And to be fair, we got 2 free x5000 boards from them to add support but we can't solely focus on this systems only.

    There are probably more points I could add right now but this is just to sum up a few. I'm sorry if the previous discussion distracted you from supporting and/or using MorphOS. This clearly wasn't our intention and I can only apologize that the discussion escalated this way even though I have not been part of it. We definitely appreciate if MorphOS is promoted by users at public shows or elsewhere.
    Be aware that X5000 is still a supported system that will receive MorphOS updates and features in the future, albeit that it takes some time to provide any feature/bugfix that users request.
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