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    First of all, X5000 users with MorphOS got updated drivers for Radeons (R500-R700-), both 2d and 3D and also frequency handling. These updates weren't provided for other existing MorphOS users as AGP machines have Radeon R400 max. So these updates were done for X5000 and Sam460 users. It's not MorphOS Team fault that Hyperion didn't provide working drivers for R500 Radeons and as far i know it didn't provide drivers for Radeons in X5000 - Aeon did that. So blaming MorphOS Team is ok and Hyperion isn't? 2nd thing, maybe just have two graphics cards in X5000? If it doesn't work please ask manufacturer to fix this issue in firmware - or this is also MorphOS Team fault?

    I can't understand also that you want to use 5-years-old AmigaOS4.1FE instead of newly released MorphOS3.12 with updated OWB. OWB in MorphOS will be updated, OWB (or other browser) in AmigaOS4 won't. Is 3d support more important than decent web browser? I don't think so but everyone has it own priorities.
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