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    It’s hard for others to make sense the mixed messages I read from people involved with the team and who claim to support MorphOS.

    Please note that whilst I have been an Amiga user for 30 years, although I avoided most of the period of a supposed wars between camps.

    Of course I am well aware that there are few other X5000 owners using MorphOS. But we are told support is not meant for us, I.e people who bought an X5000 and run AmigaOS too it was meant for MorphOS users, but no one else is using one.

    We are offering support by displaying your platform at shows at our own expense, via online blogs and videos and tying to support any questions we see on various forums as best we can. You may be interested to know that I was chatting to someone at Amiga34 who promotes MorphOS online with videos and he too told me he was leaving the NG scene as he was selling some stuff there including a copy of Wipeout 2097. You can probably guess who I am talking about!

    People are offering cards or other forms of assistance and we get no reply back. So our confusion is understandable and somewhat merited I think.
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