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    Interesting you had problems with the HD3650. It’s Something I’ve mentioned about when trying all sorts of different cards on the X5000 and which I have discussed with you over on Amigaworld.net. I’ve edited this to make the relevant valid points for this discussion


    What's limiting it to the VGA output in your case? I have X1950 Pro and X1950 XT for my PowerMac G5 11,2 and they both do work fine with DVI on MorphOS.

    Who knows, I’m no video card expert although I suspect the issue could be down to the existing set of drivers being incompatible with my card type. It’s a Sapphire X1650 Pro card which I know is listed as working on AmigaOS 4 thanks to Hans comparability list and works in Linux too.

    My hypothesis is that the drivers work, but they have only been fully tested on the Apple based hardware that the majority of MorphOS users currently use. These cards are likely to be from one or two set manufacturers built to Apple’s specifications and optimised for their original use which was for MacOS. Now this isn’t a knock on the developers, but your X5000 user along with anyone using off shelf components may be using graphics cards which are from a whole host of manufacturers, creating more variables and more possible incompatibilities yet to be picked up only when discovered by the end user. In effect we the end user becomes the tester and yes I appreciate there are only so much resource available and you will rely on the end user.

    Getting back to the subject of graphics cards look at the list Hans de Ruiter has collated for Amiga OS4 compatible cards, you will find card types with the same chip set but from a different manufacturer either work or not work or only display DVI.

    I can only go off what I have personally tested and very much pot luck depending on the age and condition as well as the card manufacturer. The chances are by asking people with an X5000 to use MorphOS with no end of 2nd hand cards which are available you risk throwing up more variables in different card manufacturers and therefore more possible issues here.
    If there are any potential buyers of the system just wanting to use this for just MorphOS, be prepared to experience a few issues with any other graphics card that was supplied with your PowerMac G5. You have been warned!

    Sadly it appears a few members of your team regard X5000 users as a waste of time. If anyone hasn’t already read the comments on this thread from Asiegel and TripOS in particular page look at page 6.


    It stands to reason, you shouldn’t be looking to shut out the very users that may help find solutions to your problems especially when it comes to objectives like the subject of this thread.

    I am personally done with MorphOS as a platform both on my Mac Mini G4 and X5000 thanks to the rather bad experience over the past few days, so it’s will be one less person to help in finding an answer. Apologies JPV you have actually been one of the very few to bother engaging on here, but i hope my suggestion here has given you something to work on to resolve that issue you have moving forward.
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