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    Hi, some remarks from your unsupport team.

    1. Prepare a CD with MorphOS 3.15
    - for quick test you can put HD from existing PowerMac G5 AGP machine to PCIe one
    - sound is supported
    - ide is supported
    - sata is supported
    - usb is supported
    - fans handling is supported
    - temperature sensors are supported
    - onboard lan is not supported
    - pcie Rs232 cards for getting debuglog may work (but i have one and it doesn't)

    2. Add some supported Radeon card
    - nvidia isn't handled and it won't be
    - Original X1900GT mac version should work
    - Flashed with MAC bios R500 series should also be handled, Sapphire X1950XT (with boobs) works after being reflashed to Mac OF (it works also with PC bios)
    - Mac Bios handling in MorphOS differ a bit for handling card with PC Bios but more or less everything is handled (including fan control both on mac and pc bioses)
    - if flashing doesnt work please check with other atiflash version, some version works, some not, flashing under MacosX is not supported for PCIe cards
    - With Mac bios OF screen is visible, with PC bios it isn't
    - If any of card doesnt work, please check/buy another one :)
    - VGA, DVI works
    - RadeonHD may work but 3d is not working there so R500 is the best option
    - Most of Radeons need additional cable with 12V, make sure that seller adds it or buy, or make it

    3. Add some supported Network card
    - older Atheros pcie based WIFI or realtek 8168
    - newer airports (WiFi) from x64 macs don't work
    - Airport Extreme (WiFi) for G5 PCie is supported, it's not the same model as for AGP G5
    - you may also try some USB network cards but they aren't reliable (or poseidon isn't reliable - who knows)

    4. Turn on machine
    5. Install MorphOS
    6. Register MorphOS
    7. RCTW looks odd on R500 (in 3.12-3.14), 3D rendering is fixed in MorphOS 3.15
    8. Audio ports handling has been fixed in 3.15.

    Photos of tested GFX/Network cards:

    Please post any photo of card which work here, i'll add it to the google gallery.

    Q: Why G5 PCIe?
    A: Because it has 4 USB sockets instead of 3 in G5 AGP!!! (additionally 2x more Cache per CPU, lower temperature and 2x more FPS in Q3, faster transfer to gfx memory so also faster scrolling in OWB)

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