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    I would want to buy an AmigaOne X5000 and use it for morphos only. Last year, at the little french gathering 'ùalchimie' I already wanted to buy one from amedia computer or relec. Alas it was not possible for morphos, only for amigaos 4.x. Amedia computer said and still says that they want to sell with new components, on wich a warranty is possible. No third party hardware, video card, sound card, sata controler card or network card. At the ùalchimie I met a guy that bought one to relec. On warmup he spoke about the problems he encoutered. Problems with usb sticks not mounted, the dvd burner plugged to the internal sata connector is not reconized, the sound card and its ouputs.

    Now that morphos 3.12 has been released how is the AmigaOne X5000 supported ? I would also want to know if it will be possible to transfer the licence from my dead pegasos 2 g4.

    Thanks for the future clarifications.

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