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    Hello everybody,

    I just bought a PowerMac11,2 DP 2GHz and I'm trying get MorphOs 3.12 working on it.
    I already have a G4 MacMini with MorphOs 3.11 working perfectly.

    The first thing I did was to buy an ATI Radeon card for the G5 and it worked, I had no problem installing MorphOS 3.12.

    But I have 2 issues to solve now:
    1) The Gigabit Ethernet card is not detected. Trying to figure out why.
    2) I does not come with a WIFI Card, so I need to know what card can I buy to have that working. ┬┐Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help and I really appreciate all the time you spend on updating MorphOS.
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