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    I have an Efika fitted on an external HDD case. And I have been coming through a similar problem since ages.

    The effie gets power through a small (Pcio?) PSU which is fitted inside the case.

    It has a power on off switch.

    When I switch the machine on sometimes it will start and boot normally, but there are times that I would switch on the Power button - the fans will start - but the blue led on the front will not light and the board will not start, the powering on process actually stops -I guess that this stopping is actually happening right before -or after?- the hard disk spinning, but I am not sure-.

    I am switching off the Power button and switching it on again and then the board will start.

    Apart from that strange behavior the board works perfect on MOS and Linux.

    A similar behavior was noticed on my A1 XE but after I changed the small coin battery on the board, everything went back to normal.

    Does Effie has a similar coin battery? If I would change will the problem be solved?

    Reading this topic again, I remembered this little problem. Have you got any ideas?
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