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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Potential issue with 9600 is that many universally keyed cards are 1.5V-only. Btw, he can also ignore the AGP riser and use a newer PCI card in the on-board 66 MHz PCI slot, like the HD4350 (as successfully tested in the 33 MHz PCI slot of the Pegasos II) or even HD5450, albeit with the known driver restrictions as of current MorphOS version.

    I have this card - HD4350 PCI (R71PL, Powercolor). I confirm, that it works on Pegasos2 33MHz PCI. OpenFirmware is not visible, but with auto-boot it boots to MorphOs. But with the use of PCI SATA I/O operations the work is not smooth with this card. I want to test it in AGPx1 slot, but I don't finish the riser yet.

    I expected, that this card will be work with Efika. But it doesn't work. Neither OF, neither in MOS. What may be the reason?
    Now I have Efika on testbed, with PSU650W, so current is not the case.
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