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    Papiosaur wrote:
    Is possible to install a Radeon 9800XT (no low profil) with a Efika ?

    Is there mini-box for this configuration ?

    Everything is possible :) But in your case both PicoPSU and the Ethernet/USB connector will come in your way. Of course you could rise the card a bit, but I don't think that angling the connector is a good idea. You could use some plain PCI riser between the onboard PCI slot and the PCI to AGP riser instead. Like this one. Then you'd only have to find a Molex to supply your 9800 with current (probably your PicoPSU has one). Aaand a good power brick is a must. And a new case :) I believe a 5,25 inch external case wouldn't be high enough to hold such config. Also, you'd need to rethink the cooling of your gfx card (airflow). Quite a lot of things to care about.
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