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    You have read that?


    Does your HD spin up when power on? What happens exactly? Can EFIKA not load data from HD and stops then in OF?
    Can you see DirTree of HD in OF?

    > ls hd:0 ---> returns content of 1. partition on HD

    If yes, then you may have faulty data on your HD (right boot.img?). If no your HD isn't recognized.

    You also may try to boot install.img via Network or USB.

    boot USB-Stick: SFS-Partition with install.img on it. Insert stick before turning on power (otherwise EFIKA may not recognize the stick)
    in OF:
    > boot HD0:0 install.img

    This will boot a minimal MOS-System and yo can check your internal HD.

    Booting from Net: Setup a TFTP-Server on your PC or other MOS-Computer (http://aminet.net/comm/tcp/tftp-server.lha) and put install.img to the server-direktory and start server.
    in OF:

    set bootprotocoll=dhcp
    boot eth:<servers IP-adress>, install.img

    Will also boot a minimal MOS-System.

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