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    koszer wrote:
    You're lucky you didn't overtighten the screws (you can do that!), but I'm glad everything works fine.

    As for the loud fans - the computer noticed that CPU serial numbers are different now and turned on "safe mode" (that means the fans blow at full speed). MorphOS switches everything back to normal, but that's simply annoying. Yes, you need to perform a thermal calibration. With ASD 2.5.8 - the 2.6.3 is for late G5's.

    I tried the 2.6.3 (OF), but a requester said, this machine is not supported, although the corresponding pdf says its also for late G5s.
    I'm trying the v2.5.8 in some minutes...



    The cpu modules look different from below!
    Could it be that one cpu got burned?

    You mean the colour difference between the radiators of (I believe) the power section? They may differ. I've seen both copper-ish (more often in earlier models) and silver-ish ones (the newer ones). Or maybe something else drew your attention?

    Yes, I meant the color.
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