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    Ok, I just swapped the cpu modules and made sure to really to tighten the screws real hard.
    And the G5 fires up again!

    I'm writing this with my G5, yeah!

    What I noticed it that the fans were blowing like hell when I boot into the bootmenu and while I'm in the firmware!?
    This wasn't before, but when booting into MorphOS, the fans spins down.

    Do I need to calibrate the fans?

    I have the files "asd.2.6.3 (2005).dmg" and "ASD 2.5.8.dmg", but I can't burn them under MorphOS, right?
    Does anyone have an .iso of these archives?

    I found a dmgtoiso converter in Aminet, lets try it...

    Lets see how long it last this time...

    The cpu modules look different from below!
    Could it be that one cpu got burned?

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