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    cyfm wrote:
    ...which makes the whole setup kind of pointless IMHO.

    And this is exactly thing what should be tested.
    Look here - you have to translate from Czech language. Sam440ep-flex is now much better computer with PCIe R9 270X.

    Sam440ep-flex is similar case like Pegasos2 - AMCC440ep has only PCI controller ( this time with PCI connector ), exactly as Marvell Discovery 2 in Pegasos 2 ( that one with AGP connector ). Both controllers has 66 MHz.
    Moreover - Sam shares 66 MHz PCI bus with SATA driver and bridge with slow devices. Pegasos 2 has 66 MHz bus dedicated for gfx, with own Hostbridge.

    If you take a look on article above, you see that bus speed ( write to VRAM ) with PCI-PCIe bridge is much slower ( latency from pcie reverse bridge ) than classic PCI/AGP cards. Despite this disadvantage, pcie cards are better.

    Such thing cannot be exactly theoretically calculated - they should be tested in real conditions. And of course, it also much depends on drivers - PCIe cards are much more powerfull, but drivers should utilize them.
    Thus I am looking forward to bigfoot's great work.

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