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    Matrox Parhelia is nice card, but most probably not more powerful than Radeon 9800 PRO, which is now in my Pegasos 2. Not count the drivers ;-).

    But there are PCI HD cards - one of them (HD4350) works for me in 33 MHz PCI slot.
    - when bigfoot finishes new gfx drivers, these cards could be faster than 9800 PRO.

    Largest profit can be from testing PCIe cards. Like X1950 or HD Northern Islands. Maybe they will not works because of Smart firmware initialization behind the PCI-PCIe bridge - we will see.
    And second what could work very nice here is SiI SATA1 or Promise SATA2 cards. Promise SATA2 I tested some years before ( see first post ) and speed was limited by slow PCI 33 MHz slot.

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