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    sailor wrote:In theory - if you succeed to find (or make) some AGPx1->PCI riser ( something like reversed riser for efika) you can try PCI card in AGP slot - in such case it will have double speed - 66MHz ( compares to 33MHz of other PCI slots).

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    Here on ebay is exactly such adapter.

    adapter: AGP to 66MHz PCI or PCI-X Adapter
    author: einstein186
    This adapter allows the use of 66 MHz PCI or PCI-X cards in a 3.3V or Universal AGP.
    As AGP is only an extension to the 66 MHz PCI Revision 2.1 specification, it inlcudes almost all the funtionality of a 66MHz 3.3V PCI slot. But as AGP uses a different connector it is by default not possible to install high performance 66 MHz PCI or PCI-X adapters in the AGP. We have developed this adapter to allow the use of high speed interface cards like 66 MHz PCI or PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet and SATA adapters in headless systems. The adapter uses a 6 Layer PCB design according to the AGP specification. With the theoretical throughput of 266 MB/s this adapter allows unprecedented I/O bandwidth on AGP based systems.
    PCI cards relying on the LOCK signal, which is missing from the AGP, might not work properly with this adapter.
    You are buying directly from the creator of this product. Please get in touch, if you have any questions.

    So, we can experiment wit Pegasos 2 and PCI(e) cards...
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