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    sailor wrote:

    connor wrote:
    Here I use SFS. And for SFS the Max Transfer is 0xffffffff and Mask (on the right to it) is 0x7ffffffe.

    It's default value, thus OK. I don't know why you have such slow speed. You can try other disk and other cable. If I copy real big files IDE <-> SiL SATA, I have around 30MB/s.

    System:> time copy Backup:test.data Work:

    Time Elapsed: 25.5951s

    System:> ls -al Work:test.data
    -rwx------ 1 nobody nogroup 805306368 May 2 19:25 Work:test.data

    This result is file from SATA HDD(SiI controller) to SATA SSD (internal IDE+Axago IDE-SATA adapter). I don't remember, if it was before overclocking or after.

    I already tried several disks. The cable is new and good. I copied from SATA one SFS partition to another SFS partition. If I copy such large files then I have to wait for hours because it only achieves (in average) a bit more han 1MB/s. It is also like this when I copy only on the IDE disk from one poarttion to another or from IDE to SATA or from SATA to IDE.
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