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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > xserve G4 have similar 90° riser.
    > You need AGP 1x v1.0, 3.3V and PCI v2.1 3.3V 66MHz.

    Very nice find, I wasn't aware of this riser. The AGP side seems compatible with the Pegasos 2 and the (64-bit) PCI side seems compatible with (32-bit) Radeon HD cards. Would be cool if someone tried in his Pegasos and compared performance with the same Radeon HD card installed directly in 33 MHz PCI slot.

    Exactly this I have in plan. I want to buy this riser, and wait for some cheap HD 4350 PCI. I don't need 3D, but want video accel, thus HD 5450 have no sense for me (yet). And if it will work and be faster then Radeon 9800, I try to produce riser that fits to Pegasos.
    Right to say, that this plan is very very long-term... ;-)
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