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    You have set up too few buffers for your partitions. Type the command addbuffer in a cli/shell to know how much buffers you have for all your partitions. Where have you find this value of 64 for the buffers of each partition ?

    I have searched on obligement.free.fr by typing 'installation morphos' and here are the results with differents versions of morphos. At the beginnings of morphos 1.4.x with scsciconfig the buffers setup was 600 for each partition. With morphos 2.0 this value was lowered to 300 for each partition. On the article morphos 2.6/2.7 as 2.x/3.x the value is the same, 300. On most recent articles about morphos 3.0/3.9 and 3.10/3.12 the value indicated is lowered to 128 but on grabbed pictures the value is steel 300.

    By tries increase the buffers value for each partition to 128 or 300 and verify how better the datas throughput are. This will take a few more memory but if the transferts are better it is not a problem.

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