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    sailor wrote:
    I use more, 200 or 300. But if you have low speed with read/write big files, I think it is not the case. Look for max tansfer value - it it limited somehow?

    I don't know . I don't underdtand all these settings. I always let them on default. Only for IceFS I changed them like written in the manual but IceFS still has so many bugs that it is impossible to use - but other construction site.

    Here I use SFS. And for SFS the Max Transfer is 0xffffffff and Mask (on the right to it) is 0x7ffffffe.
    How big is one buffer? One byte? Kilobyte? Megabyte? How can I know the right number of buffers? Because it is the same for all partitions. For 1GB and for 120GB.

    It is up to you. If you have big case with good airflow, you can use this cooler without fan.
    CPU MPC7447(A):
    6.5W @ 900 MHz
    7.5W @ 1066 MHz
    19W @ 1420 MHz

    No. I have a normal Micro ATX case. Maybe this is too small. I do not know which one is enough.
    I found the cooler on amazon but not avilable. Maybe it is too old. I will look further. Funny thing: warranty 6 years, haha. It is just a piece of metal. Only a block. Nothing more. What should happen after 6 years? Break it? Melt it? :-)

    I have nearby bigger cooler of graphics card and I want also have some airflow around northbridge - thus I used the fan. And yes, is is active now. But the name of cooler itself stays "M1 passive" ;-)

    I already use passive graphics card. But the CPU is noisy.

    OK - same values like me. But these numbers are OK for internal IDE. For SiI SATA cards you can (in theory) have 133MB/s, but MOS sata.device is show stopper here.

    I have one of the cards that work with ulsata2.device. It says UDMA6. So this seems to be good. But MOS cannot from that. Pity. Because hten I could remove the IDE disk. Or maybe the mos team should upgrade the sata.device to allow boot from it and higher speed.


    sailor wrote:

    Yes, overlay is for playing videos.
    As a said - I do not used any PCI card, I simply don't know.
    In theory - if you succeed to find (or make) some AGPx1->PCI riser ( something like reversed riser for efika) you can try PCI card in AGP slot - in such case it will have double speed - 66MHz ( compares to 33MHz of other PCI slots).

    I see if I can find it. Then I can look for a 2D card with overlay.
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