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    sailor wrote:

    connor wrote:
    > https://www.probers.cz/jak-pretaktovat-procesor-u-pegasose-ii/
    Wow, that’s a monster cooler! Does it not pull out the CPU card because of the big size and heavy weight? I would fear that could damage the CPU card and slot and mainboard.

    Here some photos of ARCTIC Alpine M1-Passive Socket AM1 ( with fan ;-))
    Previously used Thermalright HR-05 SLI blocked IDE connectors.
    00-arctic1.jpg 01-arctic2.jpg 02-arctic2a.jpg 03-arctic3.jpg 04-arctic4.jpg 05-arctic5.jpg

    Wow, thats a huge block! I don't have the tools to cut this in the right size. And in the end you also need a fan on top of the cooler. So it still makes noise. But impressive cube :-)
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