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    Can you include it in the text or upload it to another place?

    I would be happy if my Pegasos 2 would be as fast as yours. I mean the Pegasos itself is fast but harddrives are always slow when I copy files. I don’t know why but I only get transfer rates of 1MB/s in average when I copy big files like images, sound files, videos. This is on the IDE drive and the SATA drives. Even on SATA drive with the ulsata device you mention I only get this slow speed. This is much worse than USB! What can be wrong? Which settings can I check?

    I have not upgraded my Pegasos 2, it is still G4 at 1GHz.

    > https://www.probers.cz/jak-pretaktovat-procesor-u-pegasose-ii/
    Wow, that’s a monster cooler! Does it not pull out the CPU card because of the big size and heavy weight? I would fear that could damage the CPU card and slot and mainboard.

    You write:
    > Only things what I did against this is new power supply and proper cooling:
    I used oversized passive cooler with fan, passive cooler on RAM, passive coolers on Northbridge and Southbridge.

    But on the pictures I see only active coollers (fans). Do you have other pcitures? And which passive colllers do you use?

    > And if, please can you check the morphos-debug.log, if your drives recognized like UDMA5=100MB/s or UDMA6=133MB/s.

    How can I do this?

    > PCI HD 5450
    Is that the best card for the Pegasos 2?

    > > I cannot find pair of RAMs which have no errors

    > 2× 1 GiB can only work error-free on revision 2B5 boards.

    I have that board. Which RAM do I have to buy?
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