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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I cannot find pair of RAMs which have no errors

    2× 1 GiB can only work error-free on revision 2B5 boards.

    yes, 2B5 is best for 2GB.

    But theoretically from rev.2B2 is Pegasos2 2GB capable. In past I spoke about this with Thomas Knäbel from bplan and he confirmed that 2B2 motherboard is 2G capable, but there was a very limited amount modules which works.
    Somewhere (forgot where) I also read, that from rev. 2B3 is much better chance to 2GB work.

    And as I tried many pairs of RAM and none of them works, it is nearly the same as 2B2 is not 2GB capable ;-)
    Btw. I found only one 2x RAM combination which worked for me - 512+256 MB.
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