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    Jim wrote:
    There are some cards being sold as 9800Pro cards that has universally keyed AGP card edge connectors and have R360 gpu's (like the 9800XT), but again I've only kept one flashed 9800 with a 128K rom that actually works correctly in my G4.
    And many R300/R360 cards use lousy memory that is clocked below ATI's own cards, or won't handle being clicked to 9800XT speeds which limits what you can do even if you have an R360 gpu.
    Also, speed changes really require editing the rom as I don't know of a MorphOS utility that allows the adjustment of ATI gpu and vram speeds on the fly.

    What would be nice is a vmod for the Peg2 that would lower the voltage supplied to the AGP slot.
    BUT, that would probably entail replacing the AGP slot connector with a 4x/8x part as well (the cards would have to physically fit.

    There is a point where all this gets to be too much effort.

    If you could find a PCI HD 5450 (or was it 5470) that would be an option. Good luck with that though. I have never seen one actually offered for sale. Specs on cards that were supposedly produced, but no cards.

    If we had good docs for the Peg2, not just schematics, but full board layouts, we could build new boards with higher clock speeds, adjustability, and a lower voltage, more modern AGP slot, etc.
    And I don't know where you'd get the critical Marvell part.

    A T10XX or T2080 based board would make more sense.

    Or, as you and Andreas have concluded a Blackbird port (or the release of a late 2005 G5 port), would be more practical.

    Looks like you've about maxed it out.

    Why not enjoy what you have, and if you really want a G4, buy an FW800 (or just go for the G5)?
    Who said you can't have more than one MorphOS system?

    9800Pro I found only in two main alternatives: universal-keyed R350 and R360 1.5V-keyed. R360 can be reflashed and overclocked to 9800XT, and R350 cannot.
    I edited flash rom of R350 to 351MHz memory and 392MHz core. window01.png and equip card with modified cooler Thermalright V-1 Ultra.

    PCI+HDxxxx card I will test in future, only if I have some suitable HDxx card nearby. I wonder if HD card will be faster - because AGP have double PCI speed in Pegasos 2.
    And regarding Marwell - I am only suspicious, that it is critical part. The main reason is, that I cannot find pair of RAMs which have no errors even on non-modified 1.0GHz machine.

    I think that vmod will be fine, but I agree, it is too much effort, and is not so important.
    I probably also can try some AGP3.3V -> PCI3.3V,66MHz,32bit reduction - it can be useful for SATA2 card. Promise TX4 is designed for 3.3V,32b,66MHz. If it can be suitable for graphic cards, I don't know. But all this is theory only.

    From practical point of view I agree - Blackbird/Talos, G5-2005, T10XX or T2080 have more sense. ( I had in my computer room G5 quad and iMac G5 waiting for morphos several years ;-))

    Yes, I have already maxed out my Pegasos HW speed. The reason why I posted this thread is, that MorphOS sata.device have lack of speed (and features) even for SATAI drives.

    And definitely - I can have have more then one MorphOs system. With pleasure.

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