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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:

    sailor schrieb:
    I overclocked from 1.0 to 1.33GHz
    and speed increase is markant:

    memory: +3.5% (stream) +13% (RAMSpeed)

    Kudos to your overclocking efforts! Did you perhaps measure the power increase under load? I also wonder if or how much overclocking of hardware of that period reduces the lifespan of the hardware?

    Does not matter much if you still run an e.g. Athlon 64 as you can easily replace it with some other cheap bog standard PC - but it does matter if your want to keep your 'legacy' G4 7455 hardware around. ;-)

    No, I don't measure the power. Maybe I have to build some testbed next time.
    Completely agree in this isuue.
    Overclocking may lead to reduced lifespan, and it is very unlikely with Pegasos.

    Only things what I did against this is new power supply and proper cooling:
    I used oversized passive cooler with fan, passive cooler on RAM, passive coolers on Northbridge and Southbridge.
    Rear side of CPUcard now have much lower temperature than with original frequency and standard cooler. ( measured by finger - another thing for which is testbed good for)
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