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    KennyR wrote:
    The Peg2's big bottleneck is the MV64361 northbridge. Overclocking the CPU would result in rather poor gains for the effort, I would think.

    I overclocked from 1.0 to 1.33GHz
    and speed increase is markant:

    memory: +3.5% (stream) +13% (RAMSpeed)

    HDD, onboard IDE +24%
    HDD, SiI SATA +69%
    (Promise SATA2 is even much better cca +200% - but it is extrapolation from different comparisons)

    Linux Hardinfo +27%

    SDLbench +80% (including 9200->9800PRO replacement)

    the most important is, that my subjective feeling of speed increase is great, and I can again play youtube videos and most of movies.

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