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    sailor wrote:

    Jeckel wrote:
    How do you overclock a Peg2?

    on G4 CPU card you have to remove SMD resistor and sold here dip-switch. And then test maximal frequency without errors. Good cooler is a must.

    I made it thanks to Prober and tlosmx. Deatiled manual is here:

    and here are links to my articles:
    Amiga Klub Forever + Czech PowerPC User Group
    Hyperion - Pegasos II

    in case of interest I can try translate some parts to English. (Pidgin English, of course)

    I did it according Probers manual, but later I changed cooler to ARCTIC Alpine M1-Passive Socket AM1 - because Thermalright HR-05 SLI blocked way to IDE connectors.
    I made modifications on Arctic cooler (to fit in place) and supply with fan.

    Interesting. Do you think you could remove the MPC7447 CPU from a Peg2 G4 board and refit it with an MPC7447A?

    That would guarantee 1.4 GHz operation (or higher).
    I believe they are pin and voltage compatible.
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