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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Pegasos 2 today is nearly 15years old.

    Release was in December 2003, so it's 15½ years :-)

    > I overclocked Peg2 to 1.33MHz


    ;-) maybe I buyed him in 2004? I have to look to archive.

    sorry, of course 1.33 GHz ;-)
    1.33GHz not bad, it outperforms SAM460 in Tower57 "benchmark" and have 3003 MIPS/core compares to 3960 on X1000 and 4750 on G5Quad

    Last things what I can do for speedup is SATA (this topic), and overclock Radeon9800pro. I cannot reach the 9800XT frequencies, but yesteday I tested succesfully overclocking core 378->394.88, and memory 337.5->351 frequencies. Now I need change BIOS and try it on Pegasos ;-)
    Maybe later, If I find some cheap HD4xxx I will also test it on PCI slot.
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