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    > Here is where late 2005 G5 support would be nice.
    > We could at least upgrade to an SATA2 controller.

    The 133 MHz PCI-X slot of older G5s is enough to not limit one SATA3 port even. While SATA3 cards may not exist for PCI-X, SATA2 cards definitely do, theoretically being able to use up to 3 SATA2 ports simultaneously.

    > An SATA3 driver might also be possible, depending on
    > the transfer limitations of PCIe Gen1.

    3 PCIe v1 lanes are enough to not limit one SATA3 port. There are SATA3 cards for up to 8 PCIe v1 lanes, which "late 2005 G5" happens to have a slot for, resulting in the theoretical ability to use up to 3 SATA3 ports simultaneously.
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